About Me

Although I started in clay a bit late in life, I am constantly motivated to learn more.  The process of creating in clay is fascinating to me.

I primarily use a white stoneware along with different colored slips in order to accent the glazes.  I like using porcelain slip because it shows a purer quality in the glaze. Using a white stoneware and porcelain slip allows the glazes to mature to a great brilliance and have better color clarity. I also like how the slip creates another dimension to the piece.

Hand building and altering thrown forms are some of the techniques I incorporate into creating my pottery.  On some on my pieces I have used Mesquite ash, sprinkled on top of the glaze to create a ‘sparkled’ effect. I spray from two to five glazes on each piece, then fire in a gas reduction kiln to over 2400 degrees.

My pieces are functional with the thought that they are to be used and when not in use, displayed as a form of art.  My platters are wired so they can be hung on the wall or displayed on a stand.  I use all my platters when I entertain, then wash them and put them back on a stand.  I design my pieces as sets so they compliment each other. 

I make everything from salt and pepper shakers, goblets, platters, salad sets, large urns and yard lanterns to custom designed bathroom sinks.

I started throwing clay in 1996 as a student of the Coleman Clay Studio. I spent the next five years at their studio and started teaching for them in 1998.  I was a student of Tom Coleman until they closed the clay studio in 2001.  I have taught hand building and wheel throwing, both beginner and advanced.

For the last four summers, I have attended MISSA (Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts) in Victoria, Canada.  I also attend various workshops in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I started and named my pottery, San Gabriel Pottery, in 2000.  Since then, I have conducted workshops for various schools on hand building and wheel throwing.  Photos of my work have been Clay Time and Ceramics Monthly.  A photo of my work is also in Robin Hopper’s book, Making Marks, 2004.

I am a graduate of Palm Springs High School. I have been living in Las Vegas since June of 1980.



Raku Gallery, Jerome, Arizona
Gainsburg Studios, Las Vegas, Nevada




Neiman Marcus, Trunk show, April 6 - May 6, 2006
Funtional Pottery Show Exhibit, March 2006
Indian Wells, California, March 2006
Summerlain Show 1996-1998 with the Coleman Clay Studio
The Coleman Clay Studio shows from 1996 until they closed.
Airport Show in Las Vegas - 1997 with the Coleman Clay Studio
Art Fest in Henderson - 2001, 2002, 2003
Holiday in Clay with the Coleman’s - 2001, 2002, 2003
Claremont Street Fair 2002
Scottsdale, Fifth Avenue Show 2003
Las Vegas, Mark Vranash Shows 2003, 2004, 2005
La Quinta Arts Foundation 2004



Clay Times (Gallery) 2001
Ceramics Monthly - April 2003, Geil Kiln Ad




St. Petersburg Clay National 2003  




Making Marks by Robin Hopper, 2004




Citrus College, Glendora 2003
AKA Designs, 2004